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Why metal roofing?

Can metal be installed over my old roof?

Won’t metal roofing be noisy?

Isn’t metal roofing more expensive than conventional roofing?

What about delivery and storage?

How long will it take to get my roof?



Any other questions?

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Why metal roofing?

• Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colors and panel profiles.

• Long lasting colors with true warranties

• Over 30 colors of exceptional durability

• Metal is noncombustible, it won’t burn

• Metal will not absorb or be damaged by water

• Metal will shed ice and water in the winter

• Most steel products are made with recycled steel and contain at least 25 percent recycled material

• Metal roofing is low-maintenance

• Inherently reduces snow, leaf build-up




Can metal be installed over my old roof?

Yes! Metal roofing weighs about 1/3 as much as a shingled roof. It will not normally overload existing roofs

and can usually be installed over existing roofing. There are several things that should be considered when

making this decision. 1) You should not put metal roofing directly over shingles with no underlayment since

this will promote accelerated rusting once the metal comes into contact with the asphalt/glass/gravel based

shingle. This type of installation voids the warranty. We have seen roofs installed according to this method

rust through in as little as eight years; 2) If you decide to use an underlayment you should be aware that

an underlayment will not eliminate rises and falls in the substructure leaving an uneven look to your project.

Also, be aware that an inexpensive underlayment such as 30# felt may deteriorate over time exposing the

metal to the shingle which would void the warranty; 3) If you choose to lathe the roof be sure to attach

lathing to the roof with screws (preferably into the truss below the decking). Lathing should be 24” o.c. and

be no less than 1 x 4 in size.


It is important to remember that every roofer will have their own preferred method based on their

experience. Just make sure you protect your investment as you plan this process together.




Won’t metal roofing be noisy?

Metal roofing is typically installed over plywood and felt or and existing roof. Therefore, the sound generated

by rain or hail would be similar to other roofing materials. The myth of a noisy steel roof comes from barns

that were built with steel roofing installed on an open framed building with no insulation.




Isn’t metal roofing more expensive than conventional roofing?

Every type of roofing material offers many levels of quality. Initially, metal roofing may cost more than

some levels of other roofing types. However, the life cycle costs of metal roofing are substantially lower than

other forms of roofing. The decision to use metal is usually based upon the fact that the homeowner doesn’t

want to or can’t afford to replace their conventional roof every 8-12 years. Metal roofing will provide many

years of low maintenance service. On a functional life basis, metal roofing generally costs 1/3 less than

composition roofing materials and is approximately ¼ to ½ the cost of tile, shake or slate roofs.




What about delivery and storage?

Delivery is made using a flatbed truck and trailer. Many times the trailer is a covered trailer but there are

times when the trailer will be covered with a tarp. The driver will uncover, making the materials available

for unloading. Except in the case of a boom truck, unloading is the responsibility of the customer. We

encourage, where possible, to have a lift on hand but with in instances where this is not possible, the

material can be unloaded by hand. Since many hands make light work, we encourage you to have plenty of

help on hand.


Metal panels will last years when properly installed, but leaving panels exposed to the elements in a stack or

on the ground will result in problems. It is always best to store metal panels indoors. When this is not

possible you should take precautions to ensure that water cannot penetrate the bundle through either

rainfall, dew or snow. Place the metal on wooden blocks with one end elevated, cut the bands, cover with a

tarp. Long-term storage should be done with the same guidelines but use a canvas tarp and store indoors.




How long will it take to get my roof?

Once an order is received it normally takes seven to ten days to deliver the material to your job site. There

are exceptions however, if you happen to be in a remote area, request a boom truck or order a product that

isn’t produced at the local plant, your lead time could be different. If you are on a tight time line we can

always check with production to verify the lead time. Your salesman will generally be the best person to

answer this question.





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